After having signed the letter of agreement to establish the Bolivian- British English Language Teaching (ELT) Project in our country on the 14th of September 1992 in La Paz, there was a great need to consolidate the core objective of the project itself, improving the quality of the teaching of English along the country. In 1996, Cochabamba had the most active local English teachers’ association with a considerable number of members from different institutions such as both public and private schools under the leadership of Maria Elba Zambrana and other colleagues; therefore, they were challenged to revitalize the association, invite more teachers to join and expand the institution to other cities as well in the country. That is why, the English teachers of the different cities decided to found the Bolivian Association of Teachers of English Bolivian Association of Teachers of English (BETA) for exclusively pedagogical purposes for the defense and improvement of English language teaching techniques. From that time up to now, there are English Associations in eight cities out of nine in the whole country.